Design Process

The garden design process holds the key to unlocking the potential of your garden space. We have developed our process so that it is as collaborative and as creative as possible, with the existing landscape.


Design and planting plans start at €250 and increase depending on the size of your garden and the level of detail required. The initial meeting takes place on site. If the house is already built, we’ll discuss requirements relevant to the design of your garden, from lifestyle needs to design preferences. If the house is not yet built, we will view and discuss the house plan on-site. We’ll listen to your concerns, consider all requests and make suggestions where needed.

Following the initial meeting, we will draft a “design brief” to include existing features of the site and all details to be shown in the final design. Every aspect of the site; house-style, local landscape, topography and personal preferences will be considered. Using the design brief and photos as guide, we will draw-up plans of the proposed new designs as well as an artist’s impression of what the design would look like in reality.


We’ll present our concept sketches and plans to you in our next meeting, walking you through the design in detail. This is also a great time to give us feedback, or discuss other matters relevant to the project. We may take a soil sample during this visit and only plants suitable for such soil will be included in the planting plan.

We’ll improve on the sketches and design plan, as per your feedback. Once you’re completely satisfied with them, we’ll work on the final set of drawings - architectural layout and construction plan. This plan is to scale and so is the numbered planting plan, which includes names, quantities and exact position of every plant included. Finally, we'll present you with the artist’s impression of the finished design.