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Step 1.

General Information

Firstly, we need to know the size, accessibility and configuration of your garden.

How big is your garden?

Does your garden have access; eg. a side-passage?

Do you estimate your project budget to be





How big (if any) is the lawn area of your garden?

Does your garden require clearance?

How long (if any) is the fence of your garden?

Upload a maximun of 4 photos of your garden

Step 2.


Do you need a patio?

What type of stone do you like? Click on the icon for a larger image and more information about each type of stone.

Click on one image to select one type of stone that you would like for your patio.





Step 3.

Lawn area

Do you need lawn area?

Do you need a low maintenance subsitute?

Bark Mulch


What type of grass do you need?

Artificial Grass

Rolled Turf


Step 4.


Do you need a fence?

What type of fence do you like?

Cedar Cladding

Concrete posts and timber insert

Micro Shades Cladding

Metal railings

Treated Pin Fencing

Step 5.


Do you need planting?

Are you a keen gardener?

Would you like low maintenance planting?

Would you like seasonal colour?

Would you like year round colour?

Please use the icons for more information on planting. A planting budget will not be added to your estimate here, as choices depend greatly on soil type and aspect. However, please select a number of the images below to help you identify which type of planting you like.

Please select 5 of these 10 images to give us a feel for what type of planting you like :

Final Estimate



  • No garden

    No side passage

    No clearance

  • No Lawn
  • No Patio
  • No Fence
  • Patio

    No Patio

  • Lawn

    No Lawn

  • Fence

    No Fence

  • Planting

    No Planting

If there are any extra features such as a water feature, fire pit, patio heater, lighting or BBQ please specify your needs in the box below.

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