Courtyard Effect / Ranelagh

Irish Gardens

Period: Sep 2016 - Nov 2016

Client: Dowling

This garden was recently completed and was relatively small but needed a lot of detail. A new shed was brought in and we then started to lay out the edges of the garden. Bull nosed granite oatmeal steps were used along with oatmeal granite paving.

We built in a BBQ area and a simple seating area. A swing was built once we screened the shed with micro shades wood. These were all painted afterwards. A small area was turfed and the areas planted. The existing screen fencing was sanded and re painted and then refitted. Once our work was completed the wall was rebuilt as this was our only access into the garden. Lighting was connected where the electrician had preplaced the cables.

courtyard effect ranelagh courtyard effect ranelagh