Stepped Garden / Deansgrange

Irish Gardens

Period: Nov 2015 - Jan 2017

Client: Quinlan

This garden was built in stages. Firstly the back and then the front. The client brief was simple. They had a young family and needed a garden that would work for their busy lifestyle. The building extension was already In progress which made our job more difficult as the extension was in a flood zone and the only way to remove the water was to engineer a pump system to evacuate the flood water in times of flood. We needed to remove 80 tons of soil from around the extension and back fill with wash 4 inch stone.

A silver granite was chosen to complement the polished concrete floors on the inside. We used a slate cladding stone to clad the walls capping these with granite and centralised steps up to a large lawn area. A sunken trampoline was installed at end of the garden and shed added for extra storage space. The planting consisted of some large multi stemmed silver birch trees, some pyrus chanticleer and two magnolia Kobus. The smaller trees such as Rhus Typhina were chosen for their seasonal interest. Perenial planting includes ruddbeckia, nepeta faassenii, perovskia atriplicifolia and calamagrostis karl foster to name a few.

terraced garden deansgrange terraced garden deansgrange