Mature Renovation / Foxrock

Irish Gardens

Period: Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

Client: Moore O' Farrell

The client moved to this property over thirty years ago and had bought the house because of the garden. The current owner planted it over the years until there was no more space left! It is south facing and had some beautiful trees which had sadly been neglected and needed to come out. They are very keen gardeners but didn’t want anything too modern and fussy.

Much of the existing garden was cleared and sent through a shedder. Unfortunately, many of the plants had too many years of being cut into a ball and we needed to start from scratch. The diggers were brought in and the lawn stripped. We created a few moulds and interesting curves within the lawn space. The lawn was edged with a sandstone and a new patio was laid all around the property front and back. We used a tumbled yellow limestone with a special grouting system and laid it in an opus format.

The key here was to produce a colour pallet that was going to produce an eye catching display. I used a lot of Mediterranean plants, along with a mixture of grasses and in the shaded areas used plants such as Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘ Rex’. The trees planted were small trees and were planted for seasonal interest and colour. The water feature was reclaimed and re-instated to add a nice finish to the garden.

"Three contractors were asked to provide quotations and an outline plan. We chose Vyvian, with his experience in a totally different environment and culture being a significant attraction, hopefully offering fresh ideas from abroad. And so it turned out. Vyvian and co-workers were industrious and totally reliable."

Brian Moore O' Farrell