Thyme Walk / Ranelagh

Irish Gardens

Period: Sep 2016 - Sep 2016


Our client had renovated their property and needed to design and build the garden within a tight timeline. The walls needed to be dressed so we cladded them and painted to create a more private, warmer garden. We used an old granite window sill as a focal bench and a sun trap.

Planting was aligned in groups of three and the plants chosen were for low maintenance, but structural. The pathway to the end of the garden was lined with thyme. Hydrangea Annabella was planted along the wall along with some shaped bay. Lavender and stipa tenufolia were planted together along with Verbena to provide a contrast next to the house. We also planted nadina domestica and some Japanese maples. The garden was lit up with spot lights on selected specimens and lighting was recessed into the low wall. We managed to create this garden in five days.