Contemporary Family Garden / Terenure

Irish Gardens

Period: Feb 2016 - Mar 2016

Client: Lynham

This garden was completed in two different stages. We worked in conjuction with garden designer Sarah Jordan. Firstly, the back garden was completed and six months later the front was completed. The house was fully renovated and we were required to carry out the work once the builders had completed their work. We could not finish the paving height until the windows were placed to the lower extension. Drainage was quite an issue in this garden and an extensive system was put into place.

We first of all achieved the levels of the garden and bordered this with a sawn oatmeal granite. The paving selected was an Egyptian Limestone for the back garden. The playground was bordered with a rounded pretreated sleeper and infilled with a recycled black rubber mulch. We planted bamboo at the back of the garden to increase privacy.

The hedge planting was yew and the garden was bordered by pyrus chanticleer to give some height and flowering during the spring.

The area close to the house was cladded in cedar and down lighters were installed once the build was completed and olive trees planted. The walls were in a bad condition so we decided to clad them with a treated pine wood and paint them.

The front of the house was paved with a grey sandstone and edged with a rounded tumbled granite. Planting was kept simple and edged with box and back planted with hydrangea annabella. Two olive trees were strategically planted at the front door.

contemporary garden terenure contemporary garden terenure